Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Investing in distressed bonds and Stansberry's Credit Opportunities newsletter; Stock Idea of the Day: Deutsche Bank; Sitting-Rising exercise

1) In my e-mail last Thursday about the Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities newsletter, one of my readers, Nicholas C., e-mailed me an excellent question: I watched the video for the credit newsletter and the marketing gives me pause. I know you have your qualms with the promotional language employed by this firm, so I am not […]
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The Southeast Asia Opportunity; The rise and fall of fund manager Neil Woodford; OxyContin Made the Sacklers Rich. Now It's Tearing Them Apart; How information is like snacks, money, and drugs – to your brain

Monday, July 15, 2019
1) At the 16th Annual Value Investing Seminar in Italy last week, Florian Weidinger of Hansabay, an investment fund based in Singapore, gave a presentation on The Southeast Asia Opportunity, which you can read here. By southeast Asia, he means the countries highlighted here: These countries have a total population of 641 million and collectively […]

Italy seminar; Japan opportunities; Reader feedback on why female fund managers outperform and the impact of Chinese tariffs; Real Hedge-Fund Managers Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Actually Doing

Friday, July 12, 2019
1) We just wrapped up the 16th Annual Value Investing Seminar in Italy. After thunderstorms and hail on Wednesday, the sunny weather typical of southern Italy returned for the last two days, giving my co-host Ciccio Azzollini and me a beautiful view of the Trani harbor at dinner last night… 2) At the seminar, a […]

Advice to a reader who's heavily invested in tech; Stansberry's Credit Opportunities; Lower rates?; Obvious pump-and-dump exposed at Predictive Technology; Snowball the dancing parrot stuns scientists

Thursday, July 11, 2019
1) One of my readers sent me a good question, so I wanted to reply publicly: I met you a couple of months ago at the Value Investing Panel at Creighton University in Omaha. I wanted to ask you this question in person but you were in a rush to attend a different meeting and […]

How Costco gained a cult following – by breaking every rule of retail; How Sears Lost the American Shopper; John Oliver on Amazon's warehouses; A violent hailstorm in Italy and a wonderful time in Paris

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
1) Nobody is a bigger fan of Costco Wholesale (COST) than I am… other than perhaps Charlie Munger, who’s on the warehouse club’s board of directors. Costco is an incredibly admirable company in every way, which is well-captured by this article: How Costco gained a cult following – by breaking every rule of retail. Excerpt: […]
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Tilson graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College with a bachelor's degree in government in 1989. After college, he helped Wendy Kopp launch Teach for America and then spent two years as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1994, where he graduated in the top 5% of his class and was named a Baker Scholar.

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