Thursday, December 5, 2019

Alphabet Is Google Again; An Academic Wrecking Ball Aims at Hedge Funds; Reason No. 4 why getting rich increases the odds that your marriage goes bad

By Whitney Tilson

1) Bloomberg columnist Matt Levine had some interesting comments on Alphabet’s (GOOGL) announcement that Sundar Pichai is being promoted from CEO of Google to CEO of the entire holding company. I agree with him that this is bullish for the stock. Alphabet Is Google Again. Excerpt: Google might be run more as a business, or […]
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Kim Iskyan on Brexit; Stephen Schwarzman's new book; Sex Trafficking via Facebook; Reason No. 3 why getting rich increases your odds of divorce

By Whitney Tilson

Wednesday, December 4, 2019
1) My friend Kim Iskyan, a Stansberry Research analyst who lives in Singapore and specializes in global markets, sent me these interesting thoughts on Brexit: With impeachment proceedings, Ukrainegate, a former mayor of New York (take your pick), and the Democratic primaries sucking up all the air in the room, it’s easy to forget about […]

Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are successfully competing against Amazon; You Can't Fire Mark Zuckerberg's Kid's Kids; Inside the Fall of WeWork; The seven ways getting rich increases your odds of divorce

By Whitney Tilson

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
1) Most retailers are getting slaughtered by Amazon (AMZN), but not Walmart (WMT), Target (TGT) and Best Buy (BBY) – so it’s worth understanding why. As a starting point, watch this CNBC interview with my friend David Berman of hedge fund Durban Capital, who spoke at my shorting conference a year ago and knows more […]

How Amazon Wove Itself Into the Life of an American City; Thousands Protest Amazon; PayPal's scam; The seven ways getting rich increases your odds of divorce

By Whitney Tilson

Monday, December 2, 2019
1) As I took the train to Baltimore this morning (I spend a day or two here each week at our corporate partner Stansberry Research’s headquarters), I read this in-depth article – which uses this city as a case study – about “how Amazon (AMZN) may now reach into Americans’ daily existence in more ways […]

The 'Silicon Six' spread propaganda. It's time to regulate social media sites; Chasing Amazon, Retailers Are in a Never-Ending Arms Race; Her Amazon Purchases Are Real. The Reviews Are Fake; Climbing in the Alps

By Whitney Tilson

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
1) Though I am bullish on the stocks of tech giants Alphabet (GOOGL) and Facebook (FB), I agree wholeheartedly with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen that The ‘Silicon Six’ spread propaganda. It’s time to regulate social media sites. Excerpt: Yes, social media companies have taken some steps to reduce hate and conspiracies on their platforms. Yet […]

Thoughts on the Kelly Formula; Jeff Bezos' shareholder letters from 1997 to 2018; Bill Gates explains the Internet 24 years ago; DoorDash steals workers' tips; How Juul Hooked a Generation on Nicotine; Robocall Scams Exist Because They Work

By Whitney Tilson

Tuesday, November 26, 2019
1) My friend and former partner Glenn Tongue and I shared our Thoughts on the Kelly Formula (3:27) in one of our webinars last year. 2) Amazon (AMZN) is one of the great business success stories of all time, so it’s worth studying… regardless of what you think of the stock, company, or founder and […]
Whitney Tilson

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