Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Discussion on Uber; How Uber Got Lost; Silicon Valley Is Trying Out a New Mantra: Make a Profit; Bill Ackman charity lunch

1) In Monday’s e-mail, I shared my colleague Enrique Abeyta’s analysis of why he thinks ride-sharing service Uber (UBER) could be a zero within 18 months. In response, one of my readers, Kerry C., wrote: I was disappointed in the level of analysis in your note today concerning Uber. The fact that they burned $3.4 […]
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Enrique Abeyta interview; Update on Beyond Meat; When your stock's in a bubble, issue stock!; I tried the Impossible Whopper; How the Man Who Nailed Madoff Got GE Wrong; I'm speaking at the Robin Hood Investors Conference

By Whitney Tilson

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
1) During the Stansberry Conference last week, my colleague Enrique Abeyta, who just launched the Empire Elite Trader, did an 11-minute interview in which he discussed why: It’s healthy that mini-bubbles are bursting – and the (deserving) losers are private equity investors Owning 10 stocks is enough Most people should never invest in IPOs He […]

Why Uber is a zero; Ride-sharing companies' regulatory challenges; Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber; SoftBank Seeking to Take Control of WeWork Through Financing Package

By Whitney Tilson

Monday, October 14, 2019
1) My colleague Enrique Abeyta, whose new newsletter, Empire Elite Trader, is in beta testing with our Empire Financial Partnership members, shared with me his thoughts on why Uber (UBER) is likely to be a zero… In my “Hunting Unicorns” presentation last week at the Stansberry Conference, I recommended shorting the shares of ride sharing […]

10 Strategies for Winning the Class Participation (and Business Meeting) Game; Billionaire Ken Fisher Blasted Online After Offensive Comments; 'Pedo guy' responds to Elon Musk; Culture clash between Tesla and Panasonic

By Whitney Tilson

Thursday, October 10, 2019
1) Over the last two weeks, I’ve shared my “10 Strategies For Winning the Class Participation (and Business Meeting) Game.” My mastery of this art, which counts for half of your grade at Harvard Business School, was the key to me graduating as a Baker Scholar (the top 5% of my class) 25 years ago, […]

A Value Investor Defends Value Investing; SmileDirectClub and Align Technology crashing; Class participation strategy No. 10

By Whitney Tilson

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
1) I really enjoyed this Wall Street Journal interview with legendary investor (and my friend and mentor) Joel Greenblatt: A Value Investor Defends Value Investing (Despite Its Recent Track Record). Excerpt: WSJ: Some people don’t worry about the value in value investing, because they believe all active management is dead. How do you respond to […]
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