Friday, July 1, 2022

Markets Post Worst First Half of a Year in Decades; My advice to investors; I bonds; Berkshire Hathaway; Twitter; Cannabis stocks hit an all-time low; My three jumps

By Whitney Tilson

1) The S&P 500 had its worst first half in more than half a century, as this Wall Street Journal article notes: Markets Post Worst First Half of a Year in Decades. Take a look at this chart from the article: As the article explains, the damage wasn't limited to stocks: Global markets closed out […]

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Whitney Tilson

Empire Financial Research founder and CEO Whitney Tilson is the editor of the Empire Investment Report, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on cheap, high-quality stock ideas.

Whitney graduated with honors from Harvard University and Harvard Business School, where he earned an MBA and was named a Baker Scholar. Whitney spent nearly 20 years on Wall Street, during which time he founded and ran Kase Capital Management, growing assets under management from $1 million at inception to a peak of $200 million.

Once dubbed "The Prophet" by CNBC, Whitney predicted the dot-com crash, the housing bust, the 2009 stock bottom, and more. Now, he's sharing his secrets and strategies with followers of his latest endeavor, Empire Financial Research.

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