Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Liz Ann Sonders' tweets; AMC down 95%; Another Nikola truck burned; The five endgames that all women face

By Whitney Tilson

1) Regular readers will note that I often include tweets by Liz Ann Sonders, the chief investment strategist for Charles Schwab (SCHW), because she's one of my top resources for unbiased, insightful data and information about the economy and stock market.

I noted with interest Sonders' announcement that she and her team are "launching a new client-facing monthly report on leading economic indicators." Here's a link to the first one on August 17, and here's a screenshot of the first page:

Here are some of Sonders' recent tweets, which give a flavor of what she covers – and how economic data shows both a slowing – and booming – economy:

2) Here's an interesting factoid about one of my "Dirty Dozen" stocks to avoid – AMC Entertainment (AMC):

I'll point out that this chart is actually incorrect, as AMC issued shareholders one share of APE preferred stock for each AMC share they owned in August 2022, each of which recently converted to 0.909 AMC shares at ($1.42 x .909 = $1.291), after which AMC did a 10:1 reverse split, so you have to add $12.91 to the current share price of $13.64, equal to $26.55, for an apples-to-apples comparison. Thus, AMC is actually "only" down 95%!

3) Turning to another of my Dirty Dozen stocks, Nate Anderson of Hindenburg Research – who exposed the Nikola (NKLA) fraud – recently tweeted this:

4) As the father of three daughters in their 20s, I have an interest in how people find love – and that special person to marry (the biggest decision of your life, according to Warren Buffett), so I started a personal e-mail list for singles earlier this year. I sent this yesterday to that list (to join it, simply send a blank e-mail to: [email protected]):

One of my readers sent me this 20-minute video (10 minutes at 2x speed), The way it ALL ENDS: the five endgames that all women face, and I wasn't sure what to make of it, so I sent a link to it my dating experts, Beth Mandell of Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking and Shannon Lundgren of Shannon's Circle, with this question: "I can't decide if this guy is right or full of it, and if this is offensive?"

Beth replied:

This is super interesting.

I would be interested in a second episode that discusses the divorced dating scene, particularly after kids.

It would also be interesting to look at the trend of women having children on their own.

I am personally very interested in the shifting gender roles and why "the ask" (as he puts it) has been so steadfast.

It is a good argument for women to start asking!

And Shannon wrote:

The data shows that more women are now graduating from college than men. In the last decade or so this flip has happened, where more women are earning higher education degrees. In 2019, for every 100 women graduating there are 74 men graduating.

Here's the rub. Most women still want to marry a man who is more educated and more successful than them, yet as they become more educated and more successful there are fewer eligible men for them in their dating pool. Hypergamy/marrying up is real even in our modern society. Most women do not want to pay for a man to meet their lifestyle level or pick up his tab, whereas a man doesn't care about this as he's traditionally used to being the provider/dating down. Men do care about looks – which favors youth. The same man will have more options as he grows older, not less, given women looking for success/status of a wide age range are open to dating him.

Why would a woman making the offer change all of this hard-wired mate selection?

We're in a time of major transition and my hope is that this slowly evolves. We also know singles of both genders are delaying settling down to pursue education and careers. David Brooks' recent op-ed, To Be Happy, Marriage Matters More Than Career, noted the danger of focusing on career growth and not focusing on who they'll marry. He noted the troves of research that shows happiness is found in these intimate relationships, not one's career success.

All that being said, love is just a kiss away as Mick Jagger said. There is a lot of serendipity in dating, and you never know where you will meet your forever person. Date a wide-range of singles and be OPEN to love in a different package than you imagined.

Thank you, Beth and Shannon!

Best regards,


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